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Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

Homeopathy is an alternative form of health care that's been practiced worldwide for over 200 years. Homeopathy uses low doses of natural medicines to restore health. The medicines are FDA approved & have no side effects. Clinical effectiveness is verified by scientific studies. Homeopathy can be used alone or together with other treatments. It may be the health care solution you've been looking for!

"The Mueller Method" is a comprehensive approach to homeopathic practice. It can undo the damage caused by drugs, vaccines, occupation & environmental poisons. The Mueller Method stimulates multiple mechanisms within the body to restore itself back to health.

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Nephrotic Syndrome Cured with Homeopathy!

In May, 2012, my 21 year old daughter had very swollen legs and ankles and was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. We went the usual route that lead to an appointment with a kidney specialist.  The specialist wanted to put my daughter on 5 different drugs, the main one being a steroid, and also wanted to do a kidney biopsy (a painful and risky procedure).  The biopsy was to determine what the type of disease was causing the nephrotic syndrome.  The result would have been the same treatment no matter what they found, so I said wait on the biopsy and let’s try the drugs first.

I left the specialist office that day with the prescriptions for the drugs and got them filled.  But, I couldn’t bring myself to give them to her.  I knew how the steroids could affect her body and with all the other drugs combined, it was just too much.

I looked into alternative treatment, being a firm believer in natural cures and treatments.  I found a video online about a woman whose daughter was cured of nephrotic syndrome using the homeopathic remedies provided by Mr. Manfred Mueller.

I contacted Mr. Mueller in June, and found him to be a caring, knowledgeable, patient and thorough homeopathic practitioner.  He put my daughter on the remedies and with 4 weeks she had absolutely no swelling.  A year later in June of 2013, she was finished with the remedies.  It’s 6 months later and she has not had a relapse or any problems and I consider her cured of the nephrotic syndrome.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I went this route for my daughter, instead of the toxic pharmaceutical drugs that only cause more problems.

What I would say to anyone reading this is please, don’t buy into the negative things people are saying about homeopathy.  I feel they are simply misinformed and believe that the only option is to use pharmaceuticals.  But, drugs don’t cure anything, they treat symptoms, but they don’t cure.  Give homeopathy a chance!

Lynne Ferrari
Pittsburgh PA

Healthy Family

My family has been working with you guys for over 8 years now. You have been there for us through some pretty hairy situations – like the 3 am calls for extreme vomiting, an auto accident, a breech birth, two broken bones, a detached retina… and then the usual stuff like chronic constipation and hormonal problems.

I told you I would refer my parents to you. To my dismay, they will not call you (or any homeopath) for treatment for themselves. They may ask me for an occasional remedy, but they balk at the broader notion of homeopathy. Even when the success and proof is right in front of their faces they still deny its results.

It has been both a joy and a blessing to watch the troubles my own little family was having unwind and resolve. Our health has improved, my children perform better in school and sports, my marriage has improved and is rock solid now, and I know so much more about myself than ever before. We would like you and others to know how grateful we are for your services.


Albert And The Angry Bees

About 10:00 in the morning Albert was attacked by 8-10 “mad” honey-bees, which crawled under his pants and shirt, in the school playground.

Day 1

Morning symptoms: he had about 8 stings (6 on right shoulder and 2 on inside of right leg/ groin) that looked just like mosquito bites

Afternoon symptoms: Spots on shoulder getting bigger, red and puffy/ about one inch in each. He had a spot on his right leg where 2 of the stings were coming together, of about 3 x 5 inches; raised, cloudy, puffy and had a white outline, a purple spot right in the middle/eyes sunken/ dark brown rings under eyes

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